Seaside Heights' Boardwalk - New Jersey's favorite place for summer fun.

The Boardwalk at Seaside Heights

The anchors of Seaside's boardwalk are the two piers - Casino and Funtown - and their associated rides, stands, and buildings. The other two areas are the sections of the boardwalk that are open to the beach. One of these sections connects the two piers and the other is north of Casino Pier.


Casino Pier

A view the Casino Arcade from Ocean Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ The main attractions are the amusement pier with its rides, the carousel building, and the rooftop miniature golf course. Along with games of chance and skill, you will also find food stands and a number of shops. The carousel building contains a historic wooden horse carousel, pinball machines, video games, and games of chance. Across the street from the carousel building is Breakwater Park. It has water slides, pools, and a small go-cart track. You can even fish in the ocean from the pier but like most of the attractions here, you do need to pay an entry fee to gain access.


Funtown Pier

At the southern end of the boardwalk is the Funtown Pier. It has its own amusement ride area, enclosed arcade buildings, its own carousel, eateries, shopping booths, games of chance and games of skill. The amusement rides first open on weekends in March and from the middle of June until August they are open every day. After staying open for a few weekends in September, the rides then shut down for the winter.


One of the many games of skill on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, NJ

The Midway

There is actually a food stand called the Midway but I also refer to this section of the boardwalk by this name. Here you can stroll the boards and see the beach and ocean, then turn your head and gaze upon the arcades, food stands, shops and other stands you would expect to find on the boardwalk.


The North Boardwalk

The most recently developed section of the Seaside Heights boardwalk is north of the Casino Pier. There are fewer large arcades here and many of the buildings are smaller than what you find to the south. A chair lift ride runs from the Casino Pier to the end of the boardwalk, just along the edge of the beach and adjacent to the boardwalk. At the far northern end is a Seaside Heights municipal office and a public bathroom, shower and locker facility. There is also a large parking area to the west, where you can pay to park in the summer.


More About the Seaside Heights Boardwalk

Over the course of each day the boardwalk in Seaside Heights presents two different faces. During the day the boardwalk and the beach are one extended playground. You can lie on the beach, play in an arcade, swim in the ocean and have lunch at a pizzeria - all in places that are within sight of one another. Then everything changes at night. The lights, crowds and excitement of the boardwalk come alive, with the beach and the water receding into the background. The energy and feel of the boardwalk changes too. The easy relaxation of a day at the beach gives way a more edgy feel that is both readily recognizable and excitingly pleasant. You sense that something is about to happen and is fueled by many things - like the game of chance barkers, groups of noisy teens, small wide-eyed children, the ride hawkers and sometimes screaming riders - and you almost feel compelled to take it all in as completely as you can.