Out and About in Seaside Heights, NJ

Around Town in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

There are many places to go in Seaside Heights. Whether you want to dance the night away, enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant, or need to wash your clothes at the laundromat the resources here will help you find your way around town.

smiling clown faces on the side of buildings on the Casino Pier


There are many restaurants, delis, pizzerias, ice cream shops, and food stands in Seaside Heights. The easiest way to find something to eat is to walk down the boardwalk and find some boardwalk food. You will find everything from fast food, to pizza to zeppoles. If you more interested in something a little fancier and a bit healthy than a Midway sausage sandwich, there are also some nicer restaurants on the boardwalk and on Ocean Boulevard.

Seaside Heights Eateries


the entrance to Captain Hooks Bar

Dancing and Carousing

Seaside attracts many people that come to unwind, relax, and let loose. If you are into dancing and nightclubbing, there are a few clubs around town. There are also less high energy places that feature more mellow entertainment or offer a bar and a place to have a few drinks.

Seaside Heights Bars and Clubs


Food stores, liquor stores, and other businesses

If you are renting a house and need to go grocery shopping or just need to stock up your motel refrigerator with a few cool ones, you don't need to go far. You might also need to wash your clothes at a local laundromat, buy some beach supplies, rent a boat and get out in Barnegat Bay.....

Seaside Heights Merchants


Houses of Worship

a church in Seaside Heights

  • Grace Evangelical Church

    1600 Central Ave
    732 793-6613


What else?

If you need to relax doing something that does not involve spending money or hanging out on the beach you can also find other fun stuff to do. Walking is great, either on the beach or beyond the Sawmill (the south side of the boardwalk) and onto the Seaside Park boardwalk. There are no commercial stands here, just a place to walk at the back edge of the beach.

You could head over to the Barnegat Bay side of Seaside Heights, take a walk out on the fishing dock and check out what people are catching. Depending on the time of year you just might be able to find a fewSeaside Heights bayside fishing dock folks with a bushel full of blue claw crabs.

If you just can't get away from the Seaside Heights Boardwalk but need a break from the usual just sit on a boardwalk bench and people watch. It is amazing how many folks you can see smiling, laughing and being playful with one another. After all the very idea of the Boardwalk is to entertain (in return for enticing you into parting with your money!). That in itself is kind of nice. It is also a wonder to see so many different kinds of people. Young, old and from all walks of life.