Seaside Heights Clownfest

Annual Clown Festival

The weekend long clownfest weekend is a great way to transition from the end of summer into fall. Many of the weekend's events are geared towards entertaining the children but it is a fun place for adults time for adults to visit too.

The schedule for the clownfest every year typically includes:

  • The professional clown contest
  • Amateur clown contest - awards in four different age groups (1 to 4, 5 to 9, 10 to 14, 15 through adult) for anyone that shows up in a clown costume and registers to compete
  • A clown parade - including area high school bands and all the clowns
  • Children's face painting
  • Balloon Sculpting
  • Clown skits, plays and chances for the kids to play with the clowns

The National Clown Arts Project organizes the clowns for the event. More than 100 professional clowns participate and their presence is apparent for the entire weekend.

The highlight of clownfest for many people is the clown parade. It begins at Hiering Ave and ends at the Funtown carousel. One side of the boardwalk is roped off for the parade route. There is a a procession of groups of clowns that are interspersed with marching bands from the local area.

a child having her face painted with a mouse design

Free face painting is offered during certain times of the day at a booth on the boardwalk.


children with painted faces

Free face painting leads to lots of interesting looking children.


clowns walking on the boardwalk

There are lots of clowns out walking the boardwalk throughout Saturday and Sunday.


and more clowns walking on the boardwalk during clownfest

Happy to have their picture taken...


and still more clowns

and some that tower over the crowds.


young and old clowns on the Franklin Ave stage

Amateur clowns that entered the clown contest.


a clown with a bicycle

The parade featured all the clowns that attended clownfest.


a marching clown

There were professional clowns...


more marching clowns

walking in small groups...


a single clown walking along the boardwalk

and all had colorful costumes.


a young clown in a wagon

There were also young amateur clowns in the parade.


a few rows of a high school marching band

and local high school marching bands.