Hurricane Sandy 2012


This is the page that will begin what I imagine will become one of the largest sections of the entire website. Seaside Heights will endure and bounce back as it has in the past. Even so it will likely take longer than anyone would like or imagine and the future will be much different than the recent past. For now too, the future is on hold.

Mourning what is lost, which is quite a lot for many people, has just started. Simply picking up the pieces in the aftermath of the storm, sorting out what is gone, ruined, merely damaged and OK will take some time.

If you have information, stories or images to share please contact us.

Alicia Cook penned this letter shortly after the storm.

More of the aftermath....

the Casino Pier after Hurricane Sandy

the Funtown Pier after Hurricane Sandy

Ortely Beach and Seaside Heights after Hurricane Sandy

the Casino Pier after Hurricane Sandy

Other Youtube video.....

Pelican Island 11-29-12

Seaside 11-29-12

Flooded Hotel


Other images....

Scenes from Ortley Beach

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