Lois Stern


Lois Stern shared these memories...some tales of the past and photos.

To begin, Lois' parents met in Seaside Heights in 1923 when they were 14. Both were born the same day in the same year. Their parents also summered at Seaside Heights. Here are Lois' parents on the beach in 1930:

Seaside Heights beach 1930

Nelson Richard Seidel and Kathyrn May Lowry

and in 1931....

Seaside Heights beach 1931

This next photograph is taken off people standing on a carousel in 1926. It would appear this is Freeman's Carousel and so is the earliest image I know of from the inside the original carousel building.

Freeman's carousel 1931

Lois's aunt lived on Hiering Avenue and she spent quite a bit of time there over the course of many summers. There were no buildings from her aunt's house to the beach (1 block). Her aunt picked wild beach plums and made beach plum jelly. Lois also remembers well Augie Hoffmann's bar on the boulevard and lots of good times there.

Here is a photo of a lifeguard, Jerry Tillis, that Lois thought was handsome. This was taken closer to the middle of the last century. Even with what little we can see in this picture besides Jerry, things do not seem to have changed much. The lifeguards, the small piece of a lifeguard stand that looks like it could be a contemporary stand and a pretty girl in the background walking by on the beach.

Seaside Heights lifeguard 50s

Lois says she worked at Sinn's restaurant hen she was 16 years old, in 1953.

Sinn's Restaurant, Seaside Heights.jpg

Here are a few photos of miniature golf from the 40's. In the first Lois is getting ready to take her next putt. Just behind her is her dad and you can see some fishermen, poles in hand, walking by just on the other side of the fence. The other scene is of the same place - at Hiering Ave and the Boulevard. In the left side of the picture is Walsh's Gulf Station.

Heiring Ave miniature golf

Gulf, Seaside Heights

Lois and her family, like mine and many others, enjoyed crabbing. Here is a scene from a family outing to catch some crabs.

Barnegat Bay 1940s

Another 40's image. This one is of an undeveloped boardwalk, presumably north of Casino pier.

Seaside Heights boardwalk 1940s