Your Suggestions and Ideas

Suggestions, Ideas and Comments

This is the page where you can offer your suggestions about what you would like to see in the history section of the Discover Seaside Heights website. My own little set of things that I would submit in the comments are given next.

I have a list of projects, all of which require input from others. If I am able to get some help or some material I should be able to take some of this things off the list by making them into actual webpages.

  • Some form of a boardwalk photo timeline. Ideally I could get photos that are taken in many different years and end up with a year by year list.
  • Boardwalk Memories - this would be a compilation of stories that all center around experiences at the Seaside Heights boardwalk. I have one I will write. Anyone else care to send me their own?
  • Old places - this would be many pages, with each page potentially being about a different place that no longer exists. I already have some that I can begin to cover: the Casino Pool, the ice house, bat-em-out.....what else?

Your turn. What would you like to see? Initially I will not be able to help with much but as we get going others will come along and be able to contribute. If you see something on the list or in the comments you can help with, let us know and we can figure out the best way to put that information on the site.

This page is primarily for questions, and potentially for answers to any comments that are clearly asking for some information. If you have a story, picture or even a short anecdote you would like to share you can find out how to submit content here.


I just wanted to say thanks, as there are at least three references to me on your site. I am always proud of the 60's video that we found. I love the 70's as well. Are you aware that there is an 80's video. It was put up by one of my collaborators, Joe Verderosa. Here is the link:
I am working on a book right now about the first century of Seaside Heights. We turn 100 on February 26, 1913.


I was born in Jersey City in 1941. We often visited Uncle Benny )Benjamin Berger) at 221 Hancock Avenue. Later my Grandparents inherited the house from Uncle Benny and lived there for the rest of their lives. The house has been replaced but the chain link fence that I installed for them around 1966 is still standing there. The next door neighbors were Bonni Poane and her husband who was a coin collector for the meters. Their son graduated law school and I think practices in Lakewood. Mary Antonelli lived across the street. I remember the 1955 boardwalk fire and also when the gaming wheels were shut down as illegal gambling. My grandfather (Poppy)and I would get up at 5 a.m. and he would take me crabbing by the second piling on the left at the pier where Stewart's Root Beer stands now. The crabs were 8" and blue-clawed in those days. George McDevitt was the Chief of Police then and I played with his kids Joanne and Georgie in milk boxes in the empty lots which had plenty of poison ivy. I remember the clatter of the old wooden bridge as Daddy drove us into Seaside.

The beach was free and there was no fence along the boardwalk. The laughing Lady at the fun house always frightened me. I remember the "Walk-Away_Sunday", a slice of ice cream brick in a rectangular topped cone. I had my first slice of pizza on the boardwalk.My little sister and I loved to collect seashells, take them hone and paint them.

Now I am 73 and live in Beachwood. I took my own little grandchildren to the very same pier by the same piling where Poppy took me. I wept.

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