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Do you have a memory of Seaside Heights but are a little vague on some detail that you want to fill in? This is the place for these problems. It would also be great if you could fill in the blanks of details that other people were wondering about.

Here are a few "mysteries" that need solving.


Barnegat Cold Storage Building

The old large building was torn down to build Rainbow Rapids in 1977.......continued


Late 70's mid 80's Popular Bar

Many years ago (think 70s and early 80s) there was a bar on the seaside boardwalk that was THE place to be. The entrance to the bar was right on the boardwalk. It was set up like a club and usually had top-rank Jersey-based bands. Do you remember the name of the bar? I think it may have burned down. Thanks

A few folks have let us know in their comments below...The ChatterBox!


I used to love going to Barney's as a kid. Having eggs over easy, pancakes, bacon! Eating "outside" on the benches/picnic tables. Great memory!!

Barney's Fish and Chips

The Loundy's owned Barney's Fish and Chips... My family all worked there in the 70's 80's and 90's... Great time.

Mayor Tunney was the mayor

Mayor Tunney was the mayor forever. At the 50th Anniversary for Seaside Heights, the mayor for gold painted wing tips everywhere he went.

Movie House in 1960's

Does anyone remember the 2 movie houses in the 60's. i think one was in Seaside Heights and the other in Seaside Park?

2 movie houses

I believe they were the Colonial and the Strand

Movie houses

Indeed, there were 2 movies in Seaside Heihghts/Park.
There was a movie right across the street from the Boardwalk around Porter Avenue.

I bleieve the other one was on the Boulevard within the similar cross street area.

Old Seaside Heights

I remember the mildew smell in the Colonial Theater on a rainy day. I loved it, I remember seeing the original movie of Little Women with Elizabeth Taylor, and June Alyson in the late 1940's. Names that very few people remember today. These were the best years of my life and best memories of family. That was what madeSeaside Heights most special. It was a true beach community and pretty much stayed the same throughout the years. It escaped the large condo building that goes on in a lot of communities. Does anyone remember the outdoor pancake place off the boardwalk. It had pastel painted picnic tables (always left a little sticky) I think it was on Island ave. the best pancakes and sausages ever and always packed with people on a Sunday morning

Movie theaters

That would be the Colonial on Stocton and the Blvd, In Seaside Park (Sneekin' in to see Kansas City Bomber a FEW TIMES) The other was the Strand on Porter and Ocean Terrace.

Movie Theaters

Both theaters were in Seaside Park. The Strand was on the southwest corner of Porter Avenue and Ocean ave. Since Porter Ave is the dividing line between the Park and the Heights, it was in Seaside Park. I worked in both theaters from 1961-1967.

Movie house at seaside boardwalk.

I'm in possession of a 16 mm projector with jersey shore boardwalk written on a piece of paper attached to it. I'm trying to trace were it came from ,if it was used at the boardwalk.

freedmans carosel seasidepark

looking for photos of carosel that tunney restored. was sold in 1989

picture of Illions merry go round

I sent a picture of my son on the old carousel, to this website, that I took in 1985 before it was dismantled. I have a few other pictures of the Illion carousel, if anyone is interested.

Illion Carousel

Yes..I'd love to see pics of this carousel..and any other pics you have. I have many many memories of Seaside Heights that are just happy ones...and very sad for destruction by Sandy...

Are you talking about the

Are you talking about the original carousel that burned in the 50's? I ,was obsessed with the Lone Ranger and there was his horse Silver on the carousel and I would only ride on him. I cried when Silver was lost in the fire

Thank you for the photo

Thank you for the photo Patricia. It can now be found on this page. The memories you shared are also posted to the site and can be found on the memories page.

Does anyone have a picture of

Does anyone have a picture of Laughing Maggie ?? Used to be next to JoJo's French Fries with vinegar stand.

Laughing Maggie

Was "Maggie" the actual name of the renowned "Laughing Lady" that so many of us remember from long ago?

Worked There Every Summer...

Places worked in Seaside Heights/Park:

Sodls Lunch, Central Arcade, The Fore and Aft, The Sawmill, Steakmaster, and Bob's Ranch House

Wow, spent way too many summers there, but had a lot of fun as well as good, bad and very wacky memories...

worked Bobs

I worked at Bob's for two summers. Really loved being at Seaside Heights. I worked the grill that opened to the boardwalk.

penny game in Freeman's

Remember the little penny machine game you put a penny in the slot and try to get it in a number of pots on the bottom. the penny travels through a number of pegs. It was fun.

Penny game in Freeman's

I remember there were 2 different "Penny Jackpots" in the arcade at Freeman's before the fire of 1955 and played them all the time. I would occasionally cheat and use a dime which seemed to get into the triggering slot easier than a penny. I have seen pictures of a similar machine that at one time was on sale on Ebay. I would be happy to forward a pic or 2 if you are interested. Simply contact me by email, and be sure to put the Penny Jackpot machine in the title line, so I know yours is not "spam".

Band : Jokers Four ...

We played at all three famous Seaside Boardwalk bars .... Beachcomber,
Parrot Club and the Chatterbox. Our major competitors were "The Knockouts" a comedy skit band who brought down the house with laughter!
We played "Beachboys" songs and also "Four Seasons" songs too! We played in Greenwood Lake, Boston Mass ... Ayer, Mass ... all around north jersey (choo choo club) and central Jersey .. and of course, in the Jersey Shore .. Seaside brings back great memories! The smell of Italian hot dogs and sausage plus the lemonade stands .. I can still imagine that same smell right now .. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I couldn't find any way to post a photo of the band or I would do so!

Thanks for sharing the

Thanks for sharing the memories Gary! Sorry I don't have a way to post a photo directly with your message. If you want to email me a photo, or a few, I would love to post them to the site.

Temptations before it was Temptations

Does anyone remember what the Name of the club that was run by Jerry Rotunda was before it became Temptations?

Blue Grotto???

Blue Grotto???

Blue Grotto

I remember the Blue Grotto.. It was a Disco. We used to drive down from Hershey, Pa. to go there just for the night and be driving home around 3:00 am

Before it was

Before it was was Baby O's and before that it was..the sheik's Tent...played all three places...I opened up Baby O's..

The "New" Deep Purple live 1980 at Baby O's?

Hello, does somebody remember that Rod Evans fake "Deep Purple" band performed at "Baby O's" on July 20, 1980? Has anybody seen this show?

Thank you!

Fire and ice was the club

Fire and ice was the club befor temps

Seaside HellHole?

Did any of Seaside's piers have a Rotor ride called the Hell Hole in the 1970's? I'm positive I remember it. It was by a Zipper and a Cinema 180. I know there was one in Wildwood, but I can find no info on one in Seaside. Thanks for any help.


Riding the Rotor

Yes, I remember riding The Rotor on the Casio Pier back in the early 70s. It was on the south side of the pier, almost in the corner. I think the Swiss-Bob was in the very corner spot then.

The old Rotor ride on Casino

The old Rotor ride on Casino Pier was called the Whirlpool. It was popular in the early to mid '70s. Last season was 1975. I have tons of pics of it when they dismantled it in the Fall of '75. It was on the upper deck of pier on the right along. Round-Up was next to it, Swiss Bob and Enterprise were across from it in '75. The Hell Hole was in Wildwood and Coney Island. Same manufacturer. They were made of wood from the late 1950s. Wood rot, etc. and smaller metal portable ones replaced them all. The Gravitron is now the "rotor" of choice at parks.

Rotor & Casino Pics

Thanks Troika for all the updates,the one about the Monsters Den was one I completly forgot about...What a flashback, I remember the clicking of the cars now also. I would love to see those old pictures, pls let me know how to get in touch. The whirlpool rotor was also on the lower portion of Casino Pier next to the Sky-Diver in 1970 also. Am I right???

Whirlpool Rotor at Casino Pier

It may have been on the lower deck in the earlier yeats, but those final few years is was upper deck south end. I have to find those pics just after its final season and email them to you offline.

Thx, Please let me know about

Please let me know about those pictures, I would love to see that area so long ago once again...and I will send you some of my pictures as well


I totally remember this ride. I worked it the summer of 1972. It was a great ride, we had lots of fun. It was very old and often the floor got stuck down while it was spinning and we had to shut the ride down, let people slide down the wall and help them climb out. Every day someone got sick on that ride and threw up! We had to hose the ride down pretty regularly. There were also many times people put their feet flat against the wall and as we raised the floor their feet would get stuck and we would hear them yelling and have to shut the machine down or reverse the floor! After hours was the most fun when we would ride the ride, often holding on the middle section with our arms and letting our legs get sucked out straight as we ran the ride at full speed. Fund summer indeed. I would love to get some pictures of this ride if you could send them to me.

Seaside HellHole?

Yes. I first went to Seaside Heights about ten or fifteen years ago, and The Hell Hole was there. Returned about five years ago and it was gone...


Yes! I totally remember the rotor. It wasn't there very long, but one if my memories is going on the ride after Easter with my sisters and cousins and slipping down the wall a little and ripping my panty hose. Ha! Who goes on the rotor in a dress and hose?

The Chatterbox

Does anyone know of any pictures or memorabilia from the Chatterbox, circa 1965-69? My Dad worked there and I was trying to find any photos or anything that he might have been in... :)

My sister-in-laws Uncle Eddie

My sister-in-laws Uncle Eddie owned the place, I spent the summer of 69 there, I have a lot of photos

Could you post some photos of

Could you post some photos of the Chatterbox from '69?

Chatterbox Bar

I worked as a bar tender at Chatterbox in the summer of 1972. Moved to Florida in 1974. Had alot of fun working there. Long time ago, can't remember alot of names of other employees. The owner at that time was named Eddy, had two sons, Eddy Jr. was one.


I worked at the Chatterbox as a waitress in '72. The owners were the Olsons, Ed ("The Chief") and his sons, Ed and Doug. Good times!


I played in a band called the Sound Investment. We played at the Chatterbox in the early 70's along with a band called the Innovations (they had a great singer who did a lot of Gary Puckket & the Union Gap tunes). Just wondering if you remember.


Singer was Rich Kelly

Rich Kelly

I remember Richie Kelly and the Innovations very well. I used to tend bar at Good Time Charlies' for Jimmy (OD) O'Donnell, and loved going to the Chatterbox to hear that band. They used to play some great Cream songs and the drummer's name I think, if my memory serves me correctly, was Greg. He was one of the best drummers I ever heard, and even till this day. I remember asking Richie one day at the bar, "So what do you think you will be doing when you turn 40?" He said to me, "Playing rock 'n roll." I have often thought about him/them, as Cream was, and still is, one of my most favorite bands, along with Blind Faith. I wonder what ever happened to him, and have wondered that for years. Does anyone know?

Good Time Charlie's....

..just loved this place. I was stationed at McGuire AFB from 1967-1969 and spent most of my free time at Seaside Heights/Good Time Charlie's Saloon. What years did you tend bar there???? They had a Band, called the "Springstreet Jug Band", gave out hats and mugs at the door. A great place for a southern boy to meet northern chicks....


I often think about the Chatterbox and the Innovations also. It was a fabulous time when they were there.(66/67) We would rent a room on the boardwalk for $6 and dance all weekend. I think the drummers name was Ray, not Greg. Richie would get going on the wooden block and they would have the place hopping to "Knock on Wood". I have their record stashed away somewhere that played a lot on the radio that summer. I remember the two "Go Go" dancers were teachers working for the summer. We met a group of cool people from the Oranges and they taught us all the newest dances. Richie and band played a few times at the Satellite during the winter and we all went to see them.
I wonder also what ever happened to them. I was only 21 and they were all in their 30's or maybe more, so if they are still around, they have to be in their 70's. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

Rich Kelly is living in

Rich Kelly is living in Florida now and he can be found on Facebook. That's all I know :)

Rich Kelly

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