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Do you have a memory of Seaside Heights but are a little vague on some detail that you want to fill in? This is the place for these problems. It would also be great if you could fill in the blanks of details that other people were wondering about.

Here are a few "mysteries" that need solving.


Barnegat Cold Storage Building

The old large building was torn down to build Rainbow Rapids in 1977.......continued


Late 70's mid 80's Popular Bar

Many years ago (think 70s and early 80s) there was a bar on the seaside boardwalk that was THE place to be. The entrance to the bar was right on the boardwalk. It was set up like a club and usually had top-rank Jersey-based bands. Do you remember the name of the bar? I think it may have burned down. Thanks

A few folks have let us know in their comments below...The ChatterBox!

the chatterbox

yes olsens owned the chatterbox they bought the building across from bamboo and named the club Hollywood and they also owned olsens on rt 37 toms river

Were you the petite waitress

Were you the petite waitress from Beachwood?

Summer of 1972 I spent every

Summer of 1972 I spent every weekend at the Chatterbox because my friend Ginger's husband Victor was playiing keyboards for one of the two bands booked there for the season - Life (a rock cover band) and the hysterical Lou Caddy & the Panics. I wonder whatever happened to the members of Life...Billiam, Don, Mike, Victor). I remember some of the bartenders...Wayne (Pahoo) who died in a tragic accident on the Seaside bridge, Lou, Hogan, and Burt - and the tall blonde bouncer John. Do you remember THE night that Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders played, and when the bar closed, Ed let us stay and Wayne kept playing and playing (and passing around the Southern Comfort)...what a night that was! I often wondered whatever happened to Chatterbox regulars like June (best dancer), John, Anna, Ginger, Tommy, Bob,Zacharia's Jimmy, Big Ben. I took a bunch of pictures of them all that summer and even recorded some of the sets (audio) which I still have. Some of my best memories are from that summer at the Chatterbox.

Chatterbox 1972

My name is Ray Damone, I was with Lou Caddy & the Panics from the start to 1974. I was lead guitar player , lead singer and straight man for Lou Caddy.I had long brown hair, thin about 6 ft. tall I was a brown belt in karate in fact the night that Wayne Cochran was there i met him on the way in and he tried to hit on my girlfriend and it so happens that that night a lot of my instructors came to see us. And we decided to punch out the whole band of including Wayne C. But as the night progressed Louie said please don't will lose our job here. So we didn.t. Those younger days. But any way Lou Caddy died about 1997, Big Billy the drummer lives in Lakewood now, Johnny King the Sax player died in 1974,
Me ( Ray Damone & My brother BOb Damone live in Florida and we play a couple days a week. See us on you tube. My Brother was the bass player and singer for Louie the same time I was. Wayne Cockran is a minister now. praise the Lord.
You might remember a few songs that i did a lot --Didn't WE---My way-
a lot of Rick Nelson, I also played some leads with my teeth. During our comedy I was the guy who slapped and yelled at Lou, like Abbott and Costello.

Please writ back-raydamone at ---Send some pictures of us if you have some. thank you.

Trumpet player

Didn't you have a trumpet player?

Trumpet player with Lou Caddy & the Panics

We had a trumpet player. His name was Frankie Vino > He is the cousin of Jimmy Iovine the mega record producer in L.A. Frankie was a Juilliard Grad and played with the group part time as he had a regular daytime gig. He is living in Toms River NJ

I loved Lou Caddy and the Panics

I was a lifeguard in Seaside Park in 1973. I would go to the chatterbox every weekend to listen to caddy in the panics. They were phenomenal! My dad was friends with Lous brother Joe who was a plumber. Lou's real last name Catoneselose and I thought that was a tremendous tremendous group what a great summer laughing with Lou.

Life Chatterbox


Sue who? I was in knew Billiam and the rest of have pictures and a recording? Best times they were. Write back, I would love to hear about you and the old days at the Chatterbox that summer....

Chatterbox 1972

I was there the summer of 72...I would love to see some pictures and hear some of the music from that summer. Is that something you could email or post? I remember Ginger...she wore glasses.

Tell me what you remember from that Seaside summer.


summer of 1972 seaside chatterbox

Here is your one of us at least...I was the guitar player for Life...I am wondering who you are...since it has been a few years...if you have an old picture that would be great.

I have been to Seaside each summer for the last couple of years with the family...lots of memories...we played all over the area...also being a was great being back...


1972 Chatterbox

I was there...guitar player for the band that summer. Seems like yesterday for me. What can you tell me about who you knew in the band back then?

I am on the West Coast now, although I come back to Seaside and Pt Pleasant most summers.

I wish I realized then that some of the days back then were the best days of my life. Life goes on...

Tell me about yourself...I would love to hear from you ...Don

Chatterbox '72

Had a few friends from the Chatterbox in '72...bartender Pahoo (Wayne S), Ginger Rose, June Aiello. I know Wayne died tragically. Wonder about the band LIFE who played there...Billiam, Don, Mike C, Mike W. I remember the "other" band...Lou Caddy & the Panics too. And the night Wayne County played even after the bar closed. Wow...good times!

I worked the Chatterbox as a singer, guitar player and straight

I sang, played lead guitar and was Lou Caddy's straight man for years. I played 2 summers at the Chatterbox.1972,1973 & 1974. My brother Bob played bass and sang too. We now are playing in Southwest Fl. Get in touch with me. or call 239-321-2153. Whar fun filled summers they were. I miss Lou, but we had over 15 years together.
We were best friends too. Remember those summers? Get a hold of me.

I was the sax player for the

I was the sax player for the group The Girlwatchers. We played the Jersey Circuit also. I sat in with you guys at Art Stock,s Play Pen. Jammed on the tune "Oh Marie" I remember you Ray, and all the other members of Lou Caddy's band. Remember Eddie Bishop the sax player? Those were the days! I live in Central Florida. Been here since 1990. Glad to hear your still playing. I haven't played the horn for a long time. Good luck and best of health.


While in the Marine Corps and stationed at Lakehurst I was a bouncer at the Chatterbox the summer of 1968 and returned for the summer of 1970 to bartend there after being discharged from the Corps.
I met my wife of now 40 years there in the summer of 1970 and recall then owners last name to be Olson (Eddie and Anne). The Innovations were the lead band and the lead singer was Richie and I remember Ray-Ray on bass and Charlie on lead guitar.

What a time in my life and I survived!

Similar story except a decade

Similar story except a decade before yours. In Naval Air at Lakehurst 57 and spent all my summer free time at beach. Chattterbox was first bar I was served in although I was only 18 years old. Met first love of my life there, she was from Hoboken and worked a summer job at concession in middle of boardwalk up by the north pier.

When Jersey Shores came out I had a lot of fun trying to relate to all the new bars. Went back a few years ago with current wife and relived old memories.

Think the Chatterbox was an abandoned building then but could be wrong. I think it might be time to make another road trip.

The Innovations

I went there a lot, as I tended bar at Good Time Charlies' at night. Richie Kelly and the Innovations is the band I loved the most! Thanks for the name of the bass player and the lead guitarist. I remember Greg (I think that was his name) was the awesome drummer and could nail those drums like Ginger Baker could. I also say that it was quite a time in my life and I'm still around to remember it, and talk about it! Great times! I was on the beach and in the ocean by day, would stop in the Chatterbox for a little while on some days, and then get ready for my job at night, tending bar over at OD's Good Time Charlies'. Dave Zuloff (sp) ran or owned the Bamboo.

It was Eddie and Angie, they

It was Eddie and Angie, they are related to me by marriage, I spent the whole summer of 69 with them, they used to live above the bar in the summer but had a house in Tom's River also, there two boys Ed Jr and Doug were close to my age, had a blast

Dark Ride

Reaching way back, early sixties I'm guessing. I believe at one time there was a dark ride on the Funtown Pier end of the boardwalk but it wasn't on the ride pier, it was located in with all the stands. It didn't take up much room on the boardwalk because the ride went done under the boardwalk. I was to small to ride it, so memory s somewhat fuzzy. Anyone?

There was a ride in the

There was a ride in the funtown area as you describe and it was in with the stands. I think it was pretty close to the carousel but not in the same building.

Maybe one set of stands away. Wow!
I also remember my grandmother playing for groceries at Rose's.

The dark ride that went under

The dark ride that went under the boardwalk you're thinking about was called the "Monsters Den". It was inside where Coin Castle Arcade is now. It was about midway between the two ride piers actually. It was popular in the warly '70s. Only lasted a few years. I loved it. You loaded ride just inside the arcade entrance. You then went down a ramp with loud clicking noise. A witch would try to come at you while going down. Then you slammed into the doors. I can recall that musty under-the-boardwalk smell inside the ride. The ceiling was low and the whole ride felt very claustrophobic which added to the thrill.

Remember that one well -

Remember that one well - little round cars and lots of black light and fluorescent paint under the boardwalk.

Log flume

Does anyone know y the log flume was taken down and if it's been relocated. Some of my best seaside memories were connected with that ride.

The log flume was taken down

The log flume was taken down at least 5 years ago, probably even more than that.

I actually called funtown offices one day and asked about it. They told me that they wanted to make some changes.

Log Flume

The real Log Flume's last summer was 1997. It was the one next to the one loop rollercoaster right? I went their with my parents in March 1998 to look at homes and they were in the process of taking it down. When I came back in the summer of 98 they made the 2 sides of the boardwalk identical. How stupid was that?

I miss the great rides like Force 10, the Zipper, the real Jet Star, the Kamikazee, Evolution, etc.

Casino dance hall in the 60's

Does anyone remember the dances upstairs in the casino pier? OMG it what was my friends and I lived for on the weekends! What great memories! What great music!

I was there every weekend.

I was there every weekend. Loved those dances.

The Funtown U.S.A. SIGN !!!

Does ANYONE have any pictures of this sign, or any pictures from Stockton Ave. facing the boardwalk. It was at the end of Stockton Ave.,right next to 3 Jacks Skilo as you entered Funtown. There was also a smaller sign on top of the Strand Skilo complex. If someone can help I really would appreciate it.

Boardwalk food stands in 1958

Sausage and peppers or kiebasi stand on boardwlk 1958 anyone know who owned it?

Freeman Carousel

My Great Grandfather was Frank Freeman, the second owner of the Carousel. My father inherited shares of the Freeman Estate when I was about 10 years old. Mr. Tunney was the manager. We would stop at his house on arrival in Seaside Heights and he would go to the boardwalk with us to introduce us to all of the amusement operators. I rode the Carousel for free all day. Only in a young boy's dreams could that happen. My dad sold his shares to Mr. Tunney but some of the family still have theirs.
Does anyone remember the Case's Pork Roll Stand across from the Carousel. That's how I got hooked on Pork Roll.

That magical boardwalk in the 60's

Every summer I would stay in one of those house/rental apartments for 2 weeks with my parents during the 60's.... My parents would spend most of the night playing Skillo or Bingo while I would wander the boardwalk with about a dollars worth of change they would give me... I was 10 years old in was amazing how much time you could spend in an arcade with just a pocket full of change... I was always fascinated with guitars as a kid... I remember my older brother would listen to the Fendermen and the Ventures a lot..and my dad was always winning me these cheap electric guitars with his "Choice of the Stand" tickets he would win at those gaming wheels along the boardwalk... Later most nights I would usually go hang out near the Chatterbox on the had those swinging gate cafe style doors..and as people went in and out I could hear the band better and if I was in just the right place catch a glimpse of them playing... If I would get a little too close though the bar bouncer guy would always chase us kids I could always head down to the Beachcomber to listen...I often remember a lot of guitar/surf music like the Ventures coming from that place...I would sit in one of those benches along the boardwalk and that faced the beach by the Beachcomber could kind of see inside a bit..I would always try to imagine what it was like inside..

Sadly I went back there to visit a few years back (2010)for the first time since I was a kid... It seemed so strange...sure there were a few old places I remember... but it was light years away from that magical place of the 60's I experienced as a kid through my teens... it was just another one of those "You had to be there" things I guess. I am so glad that I was there during that much simpler time in life.. Ironically enough, I believe it's the change to how it is now that made it the great place it once was.. I don't believe I'll ever go there again...except for my memories:)

Spook Ride Inside Casino Arcade

Does anyone remember a dark ride inside the Casino Arcade building (when it was full size)? The ride would have been there in the early to mid '60s I'm guessing. It was way in the back to the left of the steps that took you down into the pool area. We'd always park in that area, so we had to walk past the ride all the time. It had some weird south pacific headhunter theme. The cars were red, had high backs, and made that loud click-click-click noise along the tracks. I was very young and remember begging my mom to walk away from it because it gave me the creeps. We had no choice but to pass it in order to go down the steps. My mom always threatened to put me on it if I didn't behave on the beach. When I got old enough to ride it, it was gone. That kinda stuff always happens.

Spook Ride in the Casino Arcade

The dark ride in the Casino Arcade was called, at least at one time,"Hell's Half Acre" and featured an animated clown with a hoarse laugh. The facade of the attraction wrapped around a back corner of the arcade that led to Ocean Terrace and the Casino Pool and Ballroom. It was there from at least the '50's when I was a young child old enough to remember.
The ride cars, as I remember them, were of the old "Prtezel" style, "Pretzel" referring to the Pretzel Amusement Company who manufactured most of the spook rides at the time. They featured a single track that wove around a room peppered with painted or animated "spook-type" features. Across from the ride by the way, along the access to the street, was the Bozo Drop which featured a man who sat on a mechanical seat that would drop out from under and land him in a tank of water if a pitched ball hit the metal bull's eye.

Spook Ride

What comes to mind in the Casino Arcade late 50's early 60's was a car ride called The Ghost Train. It rode down into a dark cavern through doorways and cobwebs (very scary for a kid). That may have changed to the headhunter theme by the early 60's.

The Monkees

Hey Hey. I met Davie Jones a couple of years ago, and as he was signing my autograph, a guy comes up to him and showed him a pic of Davy in a house in Seaside Hts. He said that The Monkees had played in one of the clubs there in town, and that this pic was taken of Davy then. My friends and I rented a house in Seaside, and it was supposed to have belonged to the owners of the Chatterbox. I was just wondering if we could've posssibly stayed in the same house as the Monkees did some 15 years later? Anyone recall The Monkees playing Seaside or what club? I may run into Mickey Dolenz sometime today at a convention, but, I doubt if he would recall that from 45 years ago. Thanks.


what was the ride, an exhilirating improvement of the salt and were in the sitting position, the cage spun around an axis which was spinning on a big arm which i think even went up on an angle...down the right on the first pier??????

That would be the Huss Ranger

That would be the Huss Ranger on Casino Pier. If its the ride you mean it was there only 2 seasons.

s & p ride answer?? the "s & p" ride you are thinking of possibly the "turbo" circa 1970-1971??? sat inside big colorful fiberglass "yo-yos" up to 3 in the seat, looking out thru a heavy screen/grid door--these spun around fastened to a conical shaped farris wheel type assy., back to back w/same setup which both rotated opposite directions while the whole ride itself rotated on its was made by "chance industries" & I remember riding it back then (casino pier location I think) can find LOADS of info on this & other rides @ via googling the ride name....happy memories they were--yes???....last visited seaside 25 yrs. later--IT IS GONE!!!....never going back again!!!!

Temptations in Seaside

What was the very last song played at Temptations in Seaside Heights on closing night? Anyone know???? I can't remember. A bunch of us are going back and forth with different songs.

last song in tempts.

it was Angel. "2005" closing party

I think it was Denny Tsettos Mix of it

diner on the blvd

what was the year round diner on the blvd- simms or sinns? anyway great food esp the clam chowder on a winter day

diner on the blvd

it was sinns restaurant. my grandparents spent time down in seaside heights and knew the owner. In the 80s I can remember spending time helping my grandparents to peel ears of corn for them. He had a catering business as well. sadly in the late 90s they had an electrical fire that burnt the building to the ground


My dad was a concessionaire on the Casino Pier for many years in the 60's 70's. Recall several of the other kids whose mom's and dad's were on the boardwalk mostly working the whole day and night would try to find some regular sports things to do like play softball in the Seaside elementary school yard. Also remember in the mid 1960's going to the town Bus station/restaurant with a soda fountain and several chairs and tables to have homed cooked meals prepared by `Josie' the chef whose husband also sold tickets for bus routes. Her sister Sally was the waitress. They used to let us bring our little dog who sat in a basket while we had dinner. I think a chopped sirloin platter was $1.75.
Our stands were right next to the Parott Club. `Duke' a tall blonde fellow as I recall was the owner. He used to let me sit in the back and order a coke when I was about 14/15 and listen to the bands. Jay and the Americans come to mind.
These posts really bring back memories.

Jay Black (Of Jay and the Americans) at Seaside

Was just thinking back and searching for info on this. I think it was the summer of 1974, could have been 73 or even 72; but I was in that bar on the boardwalk when Jay Black (of Jay and the Americans) played there solo. His voice was fantastic (The Voice)! He sang Cara Mia and This Magic Moment among others and really related to the crowd about how he was trying to make a comeback after years of drug and alcohol abuse. I'm still proud of the fact I got to see him in person in such a small place and experience that great voice. I'm 62 now, have lived in CA since 75, go back to Jersey every Christmas, New Years and Mom's birthday on Jan.2. Don't get back there very often in the summer and haven't been to Seaside since it was destroyed but had been there the year before. I used to hitchhike down there on Friday and sleep under the boardwalk and hitchhike back home on Sunday. I'd scavenge in the sand under the rides and stands for change to buy food and always found enough money to eat, and then would hitchhike back home. I was a very good body surfer back then, thought I could still do it and did a few years ago until two waves came together while I was riding and threw me head first into the sand as they broke over me. I survived, but my back and shoulder are still paying for it. It was nice to reminisce my youth again here. Thanks, Rich


Does anyone remember a Seaside ride on the boardwalk featuring Michael Myers (from 'Halloween')? I was 4 at the time, so I don't remember much of it. I do remember the duration of the ride being in pitch black. At certain points during the ride, random spots would light up and show someone getting stabbed/killed. At the very end Michael Myers pops out. Anyone know the name of's driving me crazy!

Club Hollywood

Who remembers all of the nights? We did a lot of crazy stuff, but as the saying goes "What happens in seaside stays in seaside". Long live our youth!

Club Hollywood

Saw Latoya Jackson there one night. Got her to sign my playboy issue she appeared in. The Club was very nice a great ceiling with light in it but not very crowded that nite.We had a great time. Is that club still open.

Dark ride possibly a walk thorugh

Hey everyone i remember when i was 8 or so i guess in the early maybe mid 80's there was a ride i always saw but didnt go in it. it was
outside, you can watch people walk through some points in the front of the ride . i saw on the left side of the wall was a trick object barrels atop eachother when you got to it they would lean and fall torwards you then go back. then you saw in front from the outside also the spinning black and white spiral lined door that would open from the middle when you got to it, meaning the spinning spiral circle door would open up from the middle of the circle,the door looked like a spinning hypnotism deal. i dunno lol then you stepped in and it was all dark from there, this ride was on the side next to the ride The Wizard's Cavarn , now known as the new built pirates cove blahhh lol .. but the fun house next to it before the ramp to the end of the casino pier was where it was located. it was said to be a spooky walk through but the name has been bothering me for years and would like to know what the name was ! if anyone has photos of this or any info please contact me on here or e mail Thanks sooo Highly Appreciated! i believe the ranger (bullet ride) was across from it at one point. north side of casino pier before ramp.

Anyone remember Thompkins Spa Bar - 1970s?

We were all college kids home to earn money (Easton PA) and worked ridiculous hours all summer long during mid-late 1970s. We'd often work past midnight and had the next day off, we'd close down the local taverns in Phillipsburg NY and head to Seaside, straight to Tompkins "Spa" Bar because they opened at 5AM. The bartenders name was Jack and he was a RIOT, great guy. Does anyone remember that place, and what the T-Shirts looked like - they were are favorite every summer. (Martini glasses?) I think the unique combo SPA and BAR came from an adjascent ice cream parlors in the 50s-60s also owned by the Thompsons?

Ride with the Laughing Lady

To Pauline who asked the name of the ride where they had that laughing was called the DEVIL'S DEN. I used to love that ride but I didn't like that Lady laughing.

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